All About Bloodworms for Fish: A Full Guide


Bloodworms are among the most popular “fish treats” around, and even the most newbie aquarists can buy them in frozen or freeze-dried form. That said, there’s so much more to this yummy fish treat. Understanding what bloodworms are, their nutritional benefits, and how to breed them will bring much value to your aquatic pets. It … Read more

What Do Clownfish Eat? In the Wild & Aquarium

what do clownfish eat

In keeping our aquarium fish, we are very keen on knowing their preferred parameters and ideal water conditions. We are very particular about maintaining their temperature range, ph, hardness, and water chemistry. We even invest in mechanical accessories and test kits to help us determine the state of their water environment. However, keeping our aquarium … Read more

What Do Crayfish Eat? As Pet & In The Wild

What do Crayfish Eat

Crayfish are wanderers. Aside from spending time in their territorial hiding places (like stones and holes), they usually roam around the substrate and on elevated objects (like aquatic plants and driftwood). However, they are nocturnal and highly active when dark. Since we are asleep at night and our aquarium lights are off, we don’t see … Read more

How to Choose the Best Food for Guppies?

guppies fish food

The guppy fish is a beautiful freshwater species that is popular in the aquarium industry. Guppies are omnivorous fish that can eat anything from algae to insects. They have a varied diet and will eat almost any type of food available in the tank. Even so, you want your guppies to eat the best food … Read more

What Do Goldfish Eat? What if Out of Fish Food?

What Do Goldfish Eat?

One of the most important aspects of proper goldfish care is giving your pet balanced nutrition in the appropriate quantities. Fish can suffer a lot if they consume a poor diet or quantity. Although goldfish can happily accept most items, it is important to provide them with a diverse diet. It helps in keeping the … Read more

Can Fish Eat Bread? Is Bread Bad for Fish?

can fish eat bread

Every fishkeeper has run out of food for their fish at some point and had to make do with what they have around the house. As you’re searching your kitchen for food you can give your fish, you may have come across a loaf of bread and wondered whether you can feed it to your … Read more