Endler’s Livebearers: Types, Size, & Care

Endler’s Livebearers

Known for their vibrant look, exciting personalities, and ease of care, Endler’s Livebearers are small tropical fish that have cemented their reputation as a safe choice when creating a new community aquarium. Both beginner and expert fishkeepers alike love their energetic presence and unique aesthetic in all tank setups. That said, as resilient as they … Read more

Ember Tetra: Size, Lifespan, Tank Mates & Care

Ember Tetra

Whether you’re an experienced fishkeeper researching a species to fit into your aquarium’s ecosystem, or you’re new to the hobby and are looking for a beginner species, the ember tetra is one of the best aquarium fish species to consider. In this care guide, let’s discuss everything you need to know about caring for this … Read more

Kuhli Loach: Size, Tank Mates, Diet & More

Kuhli Loach

Kuhli loaches are attractive, readily available, cool to watch, easy to care for, beginner friendly, and extremely hardy. What else can you ask for? If you are afraid of snakes or wriggly-like creatures, then you may want to reconsider getting kuhli loaches. However, if that is a non-issue, then you won’t go wrong with these … Read more

14 Betta Fish Diseases: Symptoms & Treatment

betta fish diseases

Betta fish, with their vibrant colors and flowing fins, have captured the hearts of many fishkeepers, especially those new to the hobby. But as resilient as these stunning creatures may seem, they are not immune to various diseases that can affect their health and well-being. For beginner fishkeepers, it’s essential to recognize the signs of … Read more

Clown Loach: Profile, Care, Diet & Tank Mates

Clown Loach

Aside from its exquisite beauty, the Clown loach has caught the hearts of many due to its quirky personality. In fact, Clown loaches get their name because they do weird things that amuse their spectators. Quite the clowns, their antics include lying on top of each other and swimming upside down. One thing you’ll often … Read more

Black Ghost Knife Fish Size, Food, Care, & More

Black Ghost Knife Fish

The enigmatic beauty of the black ghost knife starts from the two white rings on its tail and goes to its exciting wave-like motion. Due to the lack of a dorsal and caudal fin, the black ghost knife showcases a rare swimming capability guaranteed to start a conversation with your visitors. Despite the monochromatic color … Read more