Can You Put a Male and Female Betta Together?

can male and female betta fish live together

For both experienced and novice aquarium owners alike, bettas are among the most popular choices of fish to keep due to their beautiful appearance and their low maintenance requirements. However, they are known as “Siamese fighting fish” for good reason – and this is due to their aggressive nature when faced with others of their … Read more

Guppies and Mollies: Can Live Peacefully Together

Guppies and Mollies Live Together

Mollies and guppies are among the most common aquarium fish around the world, and they’re especially popular with novice aquarium owners due to their low maintenance requirements, their placid temperaments and their vivid, attractive colors. However, one question many people ask is, can they be kept together in the same tank? To help you understand … Read more

Goldfish with Red Spots: Causes and Treatments

goldfish red spot

Goldfish have been the subject of selective breeding. Some characteristics are isolated to produce desired traits. It is why goldfish have several color combinations, body shapes, scale types, and an assortment of fin designs. But how about red spots? Are they a product of selective breeding? Why do they disappear and reappear after some time? … Read more

Fish Swimming in Circles: 10 Reasons

why is my fish swimming in circles

Maybe you’ve noticed your fish swim in circular motions. Is it normal? Is this something you should worry about? It is not uncommon for fish to cruise in circles. There could be many different causes of this odd behavior. For example, males can behave this way when protecting their territory. Sometimes the reasons can be … Read more

How to Make Guppies and Tetras Thrive Together?

guppies and tetras

Guppies and tetras are the first species that people go for their home tank. Guppies are well-known for their vibrant colors and resilience, whereas tetras are great tank species for their reasonable size and calm temperament. Many aquatic enthusiasts are curious as to whether these two creatures can live in the same tank. It is crucial … Read more

18 Common Guppy Diseases: Reasons & Treatments

guppy diseases

Guppies sometimes referred to as million fish, are beloved aquatic animals that are recognized for their vivid colors and joyful temperament. Because of their resilience and versatility, they are a preferred option for both novice and professional fish keepers. Just like all biological creatures, guppies are vulnerable to a variety of illnesses that could make … Read more

Polar Blue Parrot Cichlid: Size, Tank Mates, & Care

polar blue parrot cichlid

The gorgeously blue polar blue parrot cichlids result from artificial cross-breeding between two attractive cichlids. It is an unusual type of fish, so many aquarists want to own one. They bring together the looks, power, and aggression of the convict cichlids and the parrot cichlids. Their breeding habits are not so different from their parents, … Read more